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The Challenge Youth Leagues face in Offering a Strong Developmental Program:

Most youth leagues have similar goals: offer a fun and rewarding experience, teach players the fundamentals, incrementally advance skills with age appropriate teachings, and deliver a consistent experience from team to team.

More than 90% of youth leagues use parent coaches.  There are a lot of positives with this approach:  no one cares more about teaching the appropriate fundamentals and keeping it fun than the parents.  Having said that, most parent coaches have hectic schedules and very little time to prepare for practices, and they have a wide range of playing and coaching experience.

To accomplish its goals, the league first needs a solid foundation:  a defined curriculum and a program plan.  In addition, the league needs to effectively communicate the plan to all of its coaches, and then provide coaching materials that enable their coaches to incrementally develop the players’ fundamental skills.

This all sounds great, but how many leagues have the resources to develop and maintain a curriculum, program plan, and coaching materials.  And who has the tools to deliver materials to coaches in a flexible manner that enables them to review the content at a convenient time amidst their busy schedules?

Question: Given these realities, how can a league deliver a consistently strong program?

Answer: By implementing a coaching platform from Alpha Youth Sports.


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