Offering a Strong Developmental Program Using Parent Coaches

Most youth leagues have similar goals: offer a fun and rewarding experience, incrementally teach the fundamentals with age appropriate teachings, and deliver a consistent experience from team to team.  Over 90% of youth leagues use parent coaches, but most groups of parent coaches have a HUGE variety of sport specific knowledge and coaching ability.  In today’s overscheduled world, parent coaches have very little free time and are unfortunately taking less initiative to prepare for practices…and it’s getting harder to recruit enough coaches.  Alpha Youth Sports recently completed a benchmarking survey of over 150 League Directors in the U.S. and Preparing Volunteer Coaches was by far and away the #1 Challenge, mentioned by 85% of league directors.

To accomplish its goal of offering a high quality and consistent program, leagues need to provide all coaches with the training and materials to be effective.  Unfortunately, most leagues are still using antiquated methods to try to prepare coaches in an environment that is only getting more challenging – coaches have less time to prepare, many coaches can’t make the pre-season meeting, and coaches are demanding more succinct, more age appropriate materials.  The reality is that youth leagues simply lack the resources to develop and maintain a program plan, skill curriculum, and age appropriate coaching materials…nor do they have the tools to deliver age appropriate materials to coaches in a flexible, multi-device manner so they can review them at a convenient time amidst their busy schedules.  It’s no wonder Preparing Volunteer Coaches has become the biggest challenge.

Alpha Youth Sports pioneered the concept of a “Coaching Platform”, which is an innovative approach that helps youth leagues train and prepare volunteer coaches.  Over the past several years, we’ve worked with hundreds of youth leagues to create the industry’s most comprehensive, most effective coaching solution that has proven to get parent volunteers more engaged in their role, and ultimately more prepared to coach.  Contact us to learn more about our coaching solutions and how we can help your league better achieve it’s goals!

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